Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My landscape painting is developing more than my bird and flower painting, so I am sharing a landscape painting that I just recently completed on 12-6-05.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

my teacher adding some finishing touches to one of my paintings

This is one of the paintings from the exhibit. I particularly liked this piece.

Me at an exhibition that is on tour around China. The painting is my teacher's work.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Here's painting at the temple outside in the shade. The two women are my fellow painting students. The two men are also painters and good friends with my teacher.

Yesterday I went up to a temple to paint with other various mostly retired Fuzhou painters. I painted this landscape that I was quite satisfied with for my level of painting. Next to me is my painting teacher Lin Zi Ben.

Monday, September 26, 2005

A follow up section on my travels with my sister in China. We are sitting on a ferry at the summer palace in Beijing China.

Practicing calligraphy with water on the sidewalk in Beihai Park Beijing

An old crumbling section of the great wall of China

Sisters. Great wall of China.

New and old of the greatwall of China. Alot of reconstruction was done on several sections of the great wall.

Pianted beams of covered walkways at the summer palace, Beijing

The Gedu and a Lion. Each lion on the bridge is carved slightly differently.

Reclining in the shade at the summer palace in Beijing

We took a paddleboat excursion in the summer palace in Beijing and got a view of this famous stone boat from the water rather than land.

Summertime in Beijing and the lotuses were blooming.

This is a girl spinning a huge and very heavy pot around with only her feet. Its a real person sitting in there! We saw this in an evening teahouse performance

we spent one evening at a teahouse watching snipets of acrobatics and opera in Beijing.

The forbidden city is undergoing major renovation you can see it in the background. lets hope the result is good!

Inside the forbidden city

We did take a ride on this bike wagon through the Hutong in Beijing.

My sister trying to look like a guard. She was amused so much at how stiff the Chinese guradmen stand and how they don't move, that she couldn't get the smile off her face enough to be one.

Beijing. Me and the chairman plus guard outside forbidden city

In the rain visiting the Panda breeding center in Chengdu

Munching on bamboo...

Holding a baby red panda in Chengdu panda breeding center

Huge waterfall in Jiu Zhai Gou plus me

The water in Jiu Zhai Gou was amazing!

Me and my sister in Jiu Zhai Gou.

the bed and breakfast place we stayed in while in Lijiang. The paintings on the side of the house is a very common site in Lijiang.

Me and my sister sitting on a long haired cow up on jade dragon snow mountain outside Lijiang China.

horsebackriding on mountain outside Lijiang. Mounain is called Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Water-wheels in Lijiang China

Lijiang China. A city with many small water cannals, beautifully situated in a broad valley. I rate it best city in China that I visited in terms of beauty, air quality and weather.

Me in the city of Lijiang China when traveling the my sister

This a view at a temple two hours car ride outside of Fuzhou. I based one of my landscape paintings on this view.

A view on drum mountain

My friend who accompanies me on my hikes up drum mountain. He studies bone setting using his hands vs doing an operation. It's a branch of Chinese medicine

Every weekend I hike up drum mountain. Here's me on the mountain overlooking the city



recent landscape painting that I did

a recent landscape painting of mine

One of my paintings was in an exhibition that is now beginning to be exhibited in many cities throughout China. Its a unique exhibit in that all painings and calligraphy works are on one single scroll of paper. Its very very long, and contains works from artists all over the country. The person who is in charge of the exhibit travels through the country on bicycle to gather the works of art. this is a picture of him handing me my certificate of participation

Sunday, August 07, 2005

A view of the rice fields of Longsheng.

Katharina wearing the local clothes at our hosts house in Longsheng

Our lunch cooking at Longsheng. The bamboo is filled with rice and chicken and takes almost an hour to cook.

The area is prone to landslides. This house just barely survived...

Here we are with the local woman who cooked us our lunch and took us on a tour around the fields. She and I chatted and she told me when she was young she'd walk 4 hours to school. She did not like her town and wanted to leave. working on the steep rice fields was hard on her back which is not strong. Since tourism to the town has picked up alot, she has been able to open a restaurant and inn, and is now one of the more wealthy people in town. In her minority culture men and women are considered about equal, and a male child is not neccessary to carry on the family name. Interestingly I saw her giving all the orders to her husband rather than the other way around. The trip here was a reminder on how poor and hard life can be in the country in China, and how tourism and foreign guests can impact a local economy so drastically. I wonder what will happen to their social structure as contact with the outside world goes on.

Not far from Guilin and the beautiful Li river scenery, these are the terraced rice fields of Longsheng.