Tuesday, March 29, 2005

This is the bride and groom whose wedding I attended. I got to see every part of the wedding, including going to get the bride at her home and bringing her to her new husbands home ( the personal part of the wedding that usually only very close friends take part in). The new couple will live with the young man's family for some time, then move into their own home which their family has helped them buy.

The typical look on the street in Wu Yi. Food displayed on tables on the street chickens waiting to be eaten in cages... and the tea shop on the right side. Of course the motorcycle is not to be missed. Pretty much everyone drives a motorcycle not a car in China.

Mushroom shop in Wu Yi city. All the tourist shops are the same. They all sell tea and mushrooms

Me in the Wu Yi mountains, wearing a farmers hat I found in the tea gardens that are all over. One can hike the mountains, just by wandering on small paths through the tea gardens that are all over....

Me in the Wu Yi mountains

My Dream of the Red Chamber teacher with his wife. I met the calligrapher who wrote the characters on the wall when I travelled to the Wu yi Mountains a 6 hour train ride from Fuzhou.

My Tai Chi teacher