Tuesday, April 26, 2005

the flowers of these trees up close. the fuzzy little spot in this picture is a bee visiting the flower.

Here is a picture of a street lined with beautiful flowering trees, not far from home. Note the Chineseness of this street - the green taxi (almost more common than the personal car), and the bicycles, the motorcycle, and the guy hauling a big load with the tricycle....

Hello dear friends. I am now staying in China for a year. I am posting my address here so that if anyone wants to send me mail they may do so!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Offerings to Guanyin

Especially for you Rita!

Guanyins reflection in the water. The special Fuzhou tree in the foreground

Here is the tree again. This time you can see clearly that when the air roots reach the ground they become an additional trunk for the tree. Most trees are kept pruned so this doesn't happen. Here a few specifically chosen air roots have become trunks (over many years time). I have never seen this tree grow wild.... and I wonder what form it would naturally take.

This kind of tree has been chosen to represent Fuzhou because these trees grow in particular abundance in this area.

Temple in Fuzhou

Plum blossoms at the lake side

In West Lake Park there are so many rock pannels like these. They are made with a large slab of marble to which other interesting rocks are glued. It creates mountain scenes made of rock.

A view of West Lake Park in Fuzhou