Saturday, June 18, 2005

The dragon boat festival!

After the rain, which kept everyone waiting for at least 45 min. the path turned into this huge puddle!

watching the dragon boats.

Here's just a portion of the crowd that came out to see the boats. It's also the pavilion that everyone took refuge from the poring rain in!

As the boats go up and down the river, the guy in the very front sets of small fireworks. Here you an see the smoke from the fireworks.

A gung ho group of young men. The guy standing up is the drummer. Everyone paddles in time with the drum. It helps keep everyone synchronized.

Every boat is decorated and painted differently. The oarsmen, sometimes wear outfits, like in this photo, sometimes just wear regular T -shirts

And here is the end of one of the dragon boats. the big pole has a paddle at the end and is used to steer the boat.

One of the numerous variations of the head of the dragon boats.

The head of one of the dragon boats

A kid participating in rowing!

burning paper money for the zhen family ancestors on the dragon boat festival.

An offering of food and wine to the Zhen family ancestors on the dragon boat festival.

An Iris 6.18.2005

Poppies. This is sort of a mix between western and chinese painting. Thanks to Mark H. for his wonderful photos that inspired my flower painting! I painted these on fathers day with Dad in mind... Happy father's day Dad! Love you!

tree's, stream and birds 6.18.2005

sunset 6.17.2005

small village at base of mountains 6.14.2005

Here's a recent painting 6.15.2005 - pine and waterfall.